Monday, August 27, 2012

1 year older and wiser too!

These are pictures from Summer's actual Birthday and then pictures from her party. At her party she is wearing the most adorable purple outfit that my friend Kristin sent! Thanks Kristin, it was perfect!

She actually loved the chocolate frosting, don't get this look of disgust twisted!

The park had a duck pond which Summer loved!

This is the actual Birthday day and Sum was excited to party in her tutu. This picture is her reading a card from her Grandparents

Not a fan of the vanilla cake. She was grossed out with her first sugar experience. She is obviously inheriting some things from her father.

It was a successful Birthday weekend.


emily lloyd andersen said...

She's so big! I just love her! Maybe now that she's older, she wouldn't cry if she saw me :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Sum! LOVE the piggy tails!

Alyssa said...

Happy 1st birthday Summer!!!