Monday, August 27, 2012

1 year older and wiser too!

These are pictures from Summer's actual Birthday and then pictures from her party. At her party she is wearing the most adorable purple outfit that my friend Kristin sent! Thanks Kristin, it was perfect!

She actually loved the chocolate frosting, don't get this look of disgust twisted!

The park had a duck pond which Summer loved!

This is the actual Birthday day and Sum was excited to party in her tutu. This picture is her reading a card from her Grandparents

Not a fan of the vanilla cake. She was grossed out with her first sugar experience. She is obviously inheriting some things from her father.

It was a successful Birthday weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reflecting over the past year

The best and most challenging year of my life has come and is almost gone. My heart aches to see phases go but rejoices when new ones come. Having Summer has taught me more than anything I have ever learned or done. I am ashamed to say that at times I would wish time away or that it would move faster when nights (or days) were long and hard. Now I search every corner in my mind trying to remember as many memories I can with my new first born baby.
She is growing and for that I am thankful. I try not to say that I wish she was still small or that I wish she would stop growing because I am so blessed to be able to see her change everyday. She is smart, stubborn, and patient. We recently took a 3.5 hour plan ride together just me and her. I was nervous about how it would go. She sat in my lap the whole time like a perfect little lady. I know it won't be like this every time but I was so grateful for her patience with me and the journey. I hope our life as mother and daughter is like that.
She is nothing that I expected. She looks nothing like I expected. She is more! I never would have guessed her hair would be the color it is or that her eyes would be huge like her Dad's and the color of blueberries one day and lighter than the sky on other days. Never would I have guessed that her little legs would be so dainty and skinny. Heavenly Father knew exactly how she would look and she is perfect! I marvel at her beauty and energy. She is careful and not to adventurous but when she puts her mind to something she goes all the way with it. I hope she always is like that. I am one to start and quite projects or ideas very quickly. I hope she is like her father and never gives up and goes after her dreams.
I don't remember holding her for the first time. That makes me sad. I was still recovering from the idea of having a c-section and the pain meds really affected me I guess. I remember not believing my eyes when I woke up with her laying next to me. She was so strong and alert. These words seem weak compared to what is being said in my heart about this baby. I love her.
Happy Birthday my darling girl!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I don't really keep up with this blog anymore do I? There are probably not many who still read it either. But, there are times when I feel the need to update it so let us commence in the updating!

We moved...and here come the water works! Sad, sad, sad. I know I've mentioned this before but I loved living in the bay area and I will really miss it. I complained about a lot of things but evidently I also loved and now miss many things. South Bend is great because Notre Dame is really cool. Seeing my husband reach his goals is awesome and let's face it we were going nowhere fast in Cali. It was fun but I'm a tad more high maintenance than the two bedroom apartment we were living in with no end in sight. Now we live in a two bedroom but it has a full stove and dishwasher, laundry in unit, balcony, two bathrooms so put that in your pipe and smoke it! I'm told this is a temporary living situation since the goal of an MBA is to graduate and move on so hopefully in another year we will have more upgrades to add to our two bedroom apartment/mansion (it could happen right).

South Bend besides Notre Dame....let's put it this way, I'm sure you have a great personality but I'm just not that into you. Maybe it's the crazy humid and hot Summer that's going down over here? The locals swear the weather isn't usually like this, but whenever locals say that I know they are lying and the weather is always hot! That's what happened in the bay area too. "It's only hot for like 2 weeks out of the year, I swear!" Then why have I been sweating like I just ran a marathon with a snowsuit on for the last 2 months? Locals are like protective, proud parents and just can't see the terribleness in their children. That being said my child is actually perfect and always will be, there I said it.

We'll get use to it and I do love some things about this place but I can't think of any right now. I'll save those things I love for the next post.

Onto Summer, our child. She is growing at the speed of light. She can now use 3 sign language signs and can growl when we show her pictures of lions. Future Yale student here we come! I can't believe that last year at this exact time I was so pregnant that it was hard to get up off the floor and I still had another month to go! Now my baby is slowly turning into something else (what do you call a child that's not a baby but not a toddler? tween? No, that can't be it) anywho, she's growing and to prove it here are pictures!

 Her first pony tail. I can't get over that hair!
Pretty dress that Grandma P made for her. Yes, made! We are blessed to have a wonderful Grandma who can sew like no one's business.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's just crazy I tell ya!

           Just standing by the couch, it's her new hang out.
            First pony tail, better access to her forehead for kisses!
     Washing the car with daddy. Look at her, she's practically driving! Also, it is important to point out that Daddy loves caring his little girl around. If he could permanently strap her on his back he would.
             Our first family photo on the field at Notre Dame. Go Irish!

 The baby is now 10 months old! I just can't take it sometimes. She grows ALL the time. I want to write a few things down everyday because she changes and does something new constantly. Where did my little baby go?

Ever since I read THIS blog post, I am coming to terms with my problem with Summer growing. I am grateful that she grows and I can watch in amazement as she does but sometimes it is just weird to think of where we were just 10 months ago. My body sure hasn't changed much in 10 months, Summer is pretty lucky that she can keep getting cuter:)

Monday, May 7, 2012

This face

I can hardly get anything done around here because my lips are constantly kissing this baby's cheeks! She is getting cuter by the day! We have lots of packing to do around this house. We are moving on from the picturesque life here in Nor Cal and moving to the dreaded Midwest. Blah. I am so excited but it just can't be as great as where we are now. right?! Enjoy these pictures and think of me cursing the open road for about a week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

China Beach

Busy season for J finally came to a close so Sum demanded a few days to hang out with her dad. We hit up China beach and it was such a warm beautiful day! We will miss gorgeous SF if we ever have to leave!
 She loves feeling the sand between her toes
 J and Sum loved standing in the water watching the waves together. I love watching them bond and have fun together!
 Being a sun goddess is hard work, just ask Sum.
She's so fun lately. I love how she can be silly and fun. She loves to be chased and she loves to chase us, basically there is a lot of chasing going on:)

Grammy's visit!

 Wake up Grammy C is coming!!
 Chillin' with GC, waiting for the train with our hands in our pockets.
 Jewish history museum in SF. That big building was cra cra!
 Gotta represent UW at all times! Grammy was so proud.
During Grammy's visit Sum finally decided to LOVE swings:)